Facebook Giveaway!

I’m having a Giveaway via my Facebook page!

Oh yes, everyone loves Giveaways. Especially ones that require minimal effort – which is what this one is! YAY.

I need your help! Share and like Ginny’s Stitches n’ Sweets on Facebook and once the page reaches 50 likes, I will randomly pick TWO, yes TWO, people to receive the following:

– One dozen sweets of their choosing from following: cookies, cupcakes, caramels.
-One pack of 4 crocheted dishcloths OR 1 crocheted hat.

Even if you don’t live near me, I’ll ship you your loot. Sounds awesome, right? I knooooow.

I should mention that I’ve only just learned to make crochet hats, so if you’re chosen and you decide on a hat, I have very few styles to choose from at this point, okay I’ll be honest I only know how to make a beanie (HA) …but it’s my current mission to quickly learn more! 🙂

So go now and share to all your little pals on Facebook!

And thank you SO MUCH,  YOU ARE AWESOME! =)


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