Slow Cooker Lasagna, perfect weeknight meal!

One meal that is always asked for in my house is lasagna. My husband is an avid pasta fan and I certainly won’t turn it down. I guess you could say I’m lazy, but I’m not a fan of making it the conventional way. Boiling the noodles, being careful to not tear them to shreds…. I’m clumsy. Yes, I’ve heard of and use the no-boil noodles. Saved my buns plenty of times. But this recipe is even BETTER because it’s in the SLOW COOKER. Set it and forget it. I looooove that.

I’ve made a recipe card that you can print off and keep, it’s at the bottom of this post!

I used all the ingredients above plus 2 more cans of the same pasta sauce. Sometimes I’ll throw in some onions and tomatoes too, makes the sauce really hearty!

First, brown off your ground beef. You could also use italian sausage if you want a little spice or something different. I tend to do one pound of each for a rounded flavor. While your meat is browning and cooling off, open up the cans of pasta sauce and empty into a large bowl. Add your spices and stir in the meat once it’s cooled.

Once you’re done with the meat sauce, mix together the cottage cheese, parmesan cheese, and part of the mozzarella. It’s going to be stiff and that’s okay. I realize it makes it difficult to spread, and that’s okay too. That’s also why I use a rubber spatula to put it in the crock pot, then I can get an even layer of it instead of dollops.

Once both the meat sauce and cheese mixture are all set, it’s time to gather up your slow cooker and lasagna noodles and get to layering. I should also add that although not pictured, I have discovered slow cooker liners and I must say ILOVETHEM. They make me love cooking in that heavy thing even more because I don’t have to slave over cleaning it after cooking something messy like this. /End promo 😛

Spoon approximately 1/4th of your sauce mixture into the bottom of your slow cooker.

Next, break your UNCOOKED lasagna noodles and put on top of the sauce. Each layer takes about 3-4. It really depends on your preference. Pictured above is 3 noodles.

Using a rubber spatula, spoon the cheese mixture onto the lasagna noodles. I put a few scoops worth and then spread it all over.

Continue layering in this same fashion until your cheese sauce and meat sauce are  gone, ending with the meat sauce. Depending on the size of your slow cooker, it could be 3-4 layers.

If you get your slow cooker going in the morning, set it on Low and let it cook for 6-8 hours. If cooking on High, cook for 3-4 hours. About 20-30 minutes before your time is up, add the rest of your mozzarella cheese on top and replace the lid. This way you’ll have delicious, melty cheese on top.

When your time is up, I turn off my slow cooker and remove the lid and let it sit for about 15 minutes to let it set up. I even remove the basin and sit in on the counter on a trivet to cool it off a little faster. I will warn you, if you don’t give it time to rest and set, you will have sloppy lasagna. If you’re in a hurry and could care less about the mess on your plate and just want to taste the deliciousness, then go right ahead and dig in…but I warned you! Either way, sloppy or not, it’s really yummy!!

I do hope you enjoy this lasagna, it is so easy to do on a weeknight and it’s sure to please even your pickiest eater! Serve with some of my Cheesy Garlic Bread and you’ll have one amazing meal!


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