Citrus BBQ Shrimp – makes me want summer time!

I almost always make shrimp in the same manner whenever I cook it. You see, we like shrimp scampi in this house and that’s pretty much how I always cook it. Sometimes I’ll make a creamy garlic sauce and serve it with pasta, but it’s always sauteed with lots of butter and garlic.

So I bought some shrimp the other day and I was determined to think outside of my little box. I recently got a bottle of this awesome BBQ sauce – Apricot Bourbon, from my Dad. I thought I should use it for something. And then it hit me- some really bangin’ BBQ shrimp. But not just BBQ shrimp. Shrimp marinated in some lime, orange and lemon first. OMG. I had blown my own mind. HA.

I have a friend that sells Pampered Chef and when I hosted a show last fall, I bought some of their Smoky BBQ rub. If you haven’t tried it – you MUST. It’s amazing. I use it on chicken a lot and on my homemade fries and chips. Delicious. So I thought why not try it here too?

I made sure the shrimp were thawed by placing them in the fridge the night before. I rinsed and drained them and made sure they were deveined and left the tails on.

Grab a gallon plastic bag and dump in your shrimp. Then add the juice from all the oranges and the lime juice. Then add salt, pepper, the BBQ rub, lemon pepper and orange peel. Close up your bag and smush and shake it around to get them coated. It won’t look like it’s high enough in the bag to get to all of them, but it will.

If you’re unlucky like me to not own some awesome metal skewers and have to resort to wooden ones, welcome to the club (we have jackets)! I don’t own anything but cake pans big enough to lay the skewers in to let them soak in water until it hit me – duhhhh, the fat catcher from my George Foreman grill! Those suckers fit in there perfectly!

Let your shrimp marinate in the fridge for at least an hour to absorb those yummy flavors.

While your shrimp is marinating, mix together your BBQ sauce and the 3 tbsp. of lime juice. Be sure to have your pastry or basting brush handy.

Once your time is up, pull them out and get to skewin’. I like a little room in between the shrimp to allow them to cook evenly, so I only put 5 per skewer, and there were 2 little guys left over so I stuck them on a couple skewers. I had 8 skewers in all from my bag of shrimp.

Get out your grill pan or griddle and spray enough cooking spray or oil on it so that they won’t stick and get your pan nice and hot. I placed 4 skewers on my griddle. The shrimp will start to sear and turn pink almost immediately if your pan is hot enough,  so start spreading on the BBQ mixture on right away. Once you’ve thoroughly coated the side facing up, flip over the skewers and do the same thing on the other side. The shrimp are done when they’re pink and give a little when you push on them.

These cooled off really fast, and luckily I had the rest of our meal ready since I knew these likely wouldn’t take long to cook up. So I would suggest when serving these, have them be the very last thing you do before you serve.

Once they were done I put a little extra BBQ sauce straight from the bottle on and served them up. I must say, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but they were AWESOME. The Apricot Bourbon BBQ sauce was on the spicy side and worked so well with the lime flavor…I am definitely making these again soon, especially since my husband said they were “excellent”!!!

Here’s your own recipe card!

I would say these could easily be served with a multitude of side dishes…potato salad, mexican rice if you add a little hot sauce to your BBQ mixture…french fries….the possibilities are endless!

Leave me a comment on how yours turn out! 🙂


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